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Captain Ahab announce final show

Captain Ahab have easily been one of my favorite bands. Ever. Heck, this blog was named after an album of theirs before it was even released. Now, the Los Angeles duo are breaking up. The video announcement is above, but send them off right by going to see them in their hometown of Los Angeles at The Smell on Saturday, November 3.

Note: This is the saddest news of all time.

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Wanted to think of an awesome gift for my girlfriend as an early Christmas gift, so I bought us 2 tickets for the Hamilton musical for their 2nd night at the staples center. Not only did she remain speechless when I bought us the tickets, she was beyond thrilled! During the show when muse came on stage, she was just super excited! We both enjoyed eachothers company and the show as well. We got a good amount of pictures and videos from the 2nd show that my phone got full! But nonetheless, seeing the Hamilton was the best show to see just before Christmas. Will definitely see them again when they come back.