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 Sewing Machines on WHFR, Wednesday, August 8, 9PM 

Death Cab for Cutie returns in May with new album

The announcement for Death Cab for Cutie's new album, Codes And Keys, was pretty sparse. The album cover (which you can view to the left), the track list (which we have posted after the jump), and the release date (which is May 31 on Atlantic Records). That's all the news we've got that this point in time, but we're sure there will be more information in the coming months. Be sure to stay tuned!

Codes And Keys track list:
1. Home Is A Fire
2. Codes And Keys
3. Some Boys
4. Doors Unlocked And Open
5. You Are A Tourist
6. Unobstructed Views
7. Monday Morning
8. Portable Television
9. Underneath The Sycamore
10. St. Peter's Cathedral
11. Stay Young, Go Dancing

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