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Album Review: Asobi Seksu - Fluorescence



Asobi Seksu have crafted beautiful indie pop since the release of their self-titled debut in 2004. The songs have been friendly enough to work their way into television show soundtracks but cool enough for the band to maintain an indie cred. Despite several lineup changes through the years, they have maintained a certain sound that really holds up with their latest album, Fluorescence.

What really holds the band's sound together over the years is the strength of Yuki Chikudate's vocals. Her tone flows so well with the music, yet it is also strong. At times her voice seems to fall into the mix while mysteriously standing out from it at the same time. The other continuous member, James Hanna, chimes in much less often--his voice lacks Chikudate's unique style--so it's probably for the best.

Plenty of the songs from Fluorescence are sure to find their way into more media, especially with this being the band's second on Polyvinyl. This is Asobi Seksu's most pop record to date (though quirky elements like the organ sound on "In My Head" still pop up). Is this record going to bring the band more widespread success? Probably. But how far is it going to propel them? Hey, after Arcade Fire won Album of the Year, anything is possible...

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