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Album Review: Braids - Native Speaker


(Kanine Records)

The number of amazing albums that the Brooklyn indie label Kanine Records has released over the years. From commercially successful acts like Grizzly Bear to Chairlift to niche favorites Dinowalrus and Mixel Pixel, Kanine have seemed to have a knack at signing some great bands. The latest in the line of greats? Braids.

Does Native Speaker live up to the great tradition of Kanine acts? Absolutely. The debut album from the Canadian act is a particularly amazing affair. There are hints of Bjork and Animal Collective influencing this record. But as great as it is, it is not a perfect record.

The most appealing songs on the record are those that keep it short and simple. "Plath Heart" (easily the best on this disc), "Lammicken," and "Little Hand" all keep it under five minutes--although just barely. The other songs are just as good, but tend to drag just a little bit. They just seem to push them out a little too much. Native Speaker is a great album, but pulling the songs a little shorter and tighter might have made it perfect.

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