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Conor Oberst brings Bright Eyes back in 2011

Though Conor Oberst has been busy with the Monsters of Folk and his Mystic Valley Band, what everyone has really been waiting for is new material from his main act, Bright Eyes. It looks like Oberst is finally ready to deliver that material on February 15 when he releases The People’s Key on Saddle Creek. However, Bright Eyes has only announced two shows in support of the release. Luckily, one of them happen to be in New York at Radio City Music Hall on March 9. Track list and tour dates (both of them) are after the jump.

Bright Eyes tour dates:
March 9 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall
June 23 - London, UK - Royal Albert Hall

The People's Key track list:
1) Firewall
2) Shell Games
3) Jejune Stars
4) Approximate Sunlight
5) Haile Selassie
6) A Machine Spiritual (In The People’s Key)
7) Triple Spiral
8) Beginner’s Mind
9) Ladder Song
10) One For You, One For Me

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