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Album Review: Jamie Foxx - Best Night of My Life


(J Records)

In 2009 Jay-Z declared the Death of Auto-Tune. It appears that Jamie Foxx didn't get the memo, or maybe Jay-Z spoke too soon. Foxx's new record kicks off with a healthy dose of the software over his vocals even though it sounds like he really doesn't need to use it. The guy has an amazing voice; he utilizes his R&B style with a mix that's sure to be a hit in the clubs. He's created a "Winner" here--yes, that is a pun based on the T.I./Justin Timberlake collaborative lead single from this disc.

Though Jamie Foxx doesn't disappoint, he also has to live up to the expectations of 2008's Intuition. Though he's already had several singles off Best Night of My Life--along with "Winner," Foxx's other singles off the new album include "Living Better Now" (with Rick Ross), "Fall For Your Type" (with Drake), and "Yep Dat's Me" (with Ludacris and Soulja Boy)--none of them quite live up to the universal appeal of his previous party hit, "Blame It." Just about any track off his new album could be a hit at the club that might cause dancers to (as Foxx would say) "get wild...make a child."

However, is Foxx's music on this album going to transcend the club? Is it going to play in basements with BYOB in the same way it would play at clubs where they're bottle serving Patron (arguably the favorite drink on this album)? Jamie Foxx was really on the brink of that universal appeal with "Blame It," and it feels like the tracks off Best Night of My Life are much more limiting. Then again, this is the R&B sensation keeping true to form, and it's hard to ask him to go from superstar to transcendental superstar.

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