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Album Review: Back to the Future the Ride - Tron Legacy


(Deathbomb Arc)

Figuring out what would be classified as noise music is hard. Every time I ask an artist that might fit into the genre for a definition, they usually respond with the answer, "What I do isn't noise," but then acknowledging their love of the genre. That being said, Tron Legacy isn't a noise record, but the group's sole member, Brian Miller, is certainly one of it's biggest cheerleaders.

So why bring up noise if this isn't a noise record? Noise acts have amplified the construction and destruction run through distortion pedals; they smear their faces on glass with contact mics. It may not be aesthetically pleasing or even complex; anyone could often pull off these types of acts, but few actually think to do so. It's the same reason that made some early avant-garde and modern artists stand out while others have faded to time. If compared to the visual arts world, Back to the Future the Ride is Piet Mondrian.

Tron Legacy has a simple brilliance to it. It has a beautiful and mostly ambient feel to it, but there are moments of contrast. For instance, "Surface to Air Hieroglyph" sounds like a vacuum cleaner at first. It's a little jarring at first, but even that noisy element soon falls into a repetitive and hypnotic pattern. There's nothing that feels all too complex here--mostly rolling, drawn out, synthetic sounds that seem to slowly roll by--but there was nothing complicated about Mondrian either. The simplicity is what made his paintings beautiful, and the same thing can be said about Back to the Future the Ride's song construction. They are beautiful in their basic simplicity; you just didn't think of it first.

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