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Album Review: Ke$ha - Cannibal


(RCA Records)

I've heard a lot of people say that Ke$ha is a watered down version of Lady Gaga. I'm not sure where this comparison started. Sure, they both are female pop stars. And, yes, the way Ke$ha's Animal/Cannibal album/EP bears a striking resemblance to how Gaga put out The Fame/The Fame Monster, but the two artists are still apples and oranges.

While it's hard for me to compare Ke$ha to Lady Gaga, it isn't hard for me to compare her to, well, herself. There's a certain way that Ke$ha goes about songs that makes them all sound somewhat the same. It's the same basic chord progression or melody with the same occasional dropping of the beat. A lot of the songs on her Cannibal EP sound a lot like her big hit, "Tik Tok." Even though her songs often seem like regurgitations of the same basic thing over and over, she's found a formula that actually works.

Usually I'd be slamming an artist for not growing enough between releases; however, Ke$ha gets a pass on Cannibal not because this is teen pop party fluff, but because this isn't a new album. This is more like an extended version of Animal (remember that it is being packaged with or without her debut album), and just like Animal, it's a solid record with catchy tunes. She can get away with this on an EP; however, if she were to keep going and going like this album after after it would get old. Eventually, Ke$ha will keep to grow up and of her party-girl attitude, but for now, let's just enjoy the party.

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