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Album Review: Girl Talk - All Day


(Illegal Art)

Girl Talk is the Robot Chicken of music. The one man laptop musician steals bits of songs and merges them into his own creations, but the appeal seems to operate similar to late night Adult Swim show with a basic premise of "oh, hey, I remember that [insert pop culture reference here]." It's easily argued that Girl Talk doesn't make anything new, he is simply stealing from others. The biggest problem with All Day, his latest release out this week on Illegal Art, isn't the fact that he's copying other artists, it's the fact that he's starting to copy himself.

Between Girl Talk's first two albums, Secret Diary and Unstoppable, there was a sort of natural growth, shedding some noise into favoring more pop samples. With his third album, Night Ripper, he pushed the limits of sampling madness while almost completely abandoning any sense of his noisier elements and fully embraced the pop samples. But then Feed the Animals emerged, and it simply seemed like Night Ripper: Part 2. He might've shifted samples a little quicker or used a few more in the mix, but it didn't feel fundamentally different. Any growth or experimenting seemed to stop, conveniently coinciding with Girl Talk's rise to prominence.

That brings us to All Day. It's more of the same from Girl Talk. He's found a trick that works, and he's sticking to it. Maybe Girl Talk needs to release an album every two years or so just to make sure he keeps mixing new samples in with the old. Maybe these new albums shouldn't be thought of as "new" albums, but an update or an upgrade. All Day isn't Night Ripper: Part 3 but actually Night Ripper v1.2. It would just be nice for an artist that pushed the limits of music to push his own limits once and a while.

The saving grade of Girl Talk's new album is that it IS enjoyable. There is still that visceral experience of saying, "Hey, remember that Toadies song?" Yep, it's on there. Or "Remember that Lady Gaga song (even though you just heard it like two minutes ago)?" Yep, that one too. It doesn't matter that All Day is stuffed with more references than an entire season of Robot Chicken; it doesn't even really matter that Girl Talk may be a bit of a one trick pony at this point; he's still made a damn fun album.

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