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Album Review: Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer


(Elektra Records)

It looks like Cee Lo doesn't need Danger Mouse anymore.

After splitting from Goodie Mob to go out on his own, Cee Lo Green made some solo records that never really caught on. After two albums Arista dropped him due to disappointing sales. The Atlanta rapper and crooner then teamed with producer Danger Mouse for a new project called Gnarls Barkley, and the two crafted what could be described as the biggest hit of the current millennium. "Crazy" was a smash.

So now it looks like Cee Lo is giving that solo career a second try, and it looks like The Lady Killer's lead singer "Fuck You!" is giving "Crazy" a run for its money. But it's best to look beyond the catchy song and really dig deep into this record, because the whole thing is a gem and among the year's best.

For those looking for Cee Lo to possibility return to his rap roots, you'll probably have to wait for a formal Goodie Mob reunion. This record is pure R&B crooning from start to finish. The man sings his heart out, and it pays off. Sure, he's channeling those Gnarls Barkley hits, and he carries it without the production wizardry of Danger Mouse. Highlights include "Satisfied," "No One's Gonna Love You," and (of course) the R-rated "Fuck You!" Though only the latter has the profanity gimick, it's fair to say that this is a record full of hits.

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