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Album Review: Deluka - You Are the Night


(Vel Records)

Have you ever wondered what The Ting Tings would sound like if they had a full four-piece band behind them? Or what the Yeah Yeah Yeahs might sound like if they continued to push their slight electronics from their previous release? Either one might be a good way to describe You Are the Night, the debut album from Deluka, which was released today on Vel Records. Any possible comparison would put the band in good company, and it would be well-deserved. But do Deluka do enough to distinguish themselves from their peers?

The disc begins great with the lead singer Ellie Innocenti channeling Karen O for the single, "OMFG." Innocenti definitely has a better voice but also doesn't quite have the same charming grit. The album's second track, "Snapshot," could easily be a fast-paced, fleshed out "That's Not My Name." And so the album goes, being able to compared to something or another.

As a result, Deluka's debut is actually pretty amazing, but it often seems like it's hard for the band to truly find their own sound in it all. The most interesting parts are when Innocenti's vocals are sampled, chopped, and screwed, which went out of vogue in the electronic world a few years back, but comes off sounding interesting here in a more rockin' setting. This record is a great first foot forward for a band with what is hopefully many years ahead of them.


Amanda said...

Deluka is so great! I just got "You Are the Night" and I love it. Thanks for the coverage!

Chissy said...

love this new album! "cascade" is my favorite song
can't wait to see them live