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 Sewing Machines on WHFR, Wednesday, August 8, 9PM 

Goldfrapp is a "Believer" in pinball

There's no shortage of strange promotional materials in the world of music. While iPod pinball may not seem all that out there in the grand scheme of things, Goldfrapp's free game isn't quite your everyday promotion either. The gameplay is awkward and choppy; it's easier to steer the ball by tilting your iPod instead of tapping on the screen to trigger the unresponsive flippers. All the while, various samples from Goldfrapp's Head First are featured when various bumpers and buttons are hit. It's not sleek, but it's free. And it's really all just a tease for the upcoming single to be released on September 7, Believer.

"Believer" Track List:
1. Believer (Radio Edit)
2. Believer (Joris Voorn Remix)
3. Believer (Joris Voorn Dub)
4. Believer (Vince Clarke Remix)
5. Believer (Vince Clarke Remix (edit))
6. Believer (Little Loud Remix)
7. Believer (Subway Remix)
8. Believer (Davide Rossi Reinterpretation)

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