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Album Review: Margaret Cho - Cho Dependent


(Clownery Records)

Make no mistake about it, Margaret Cho is a very funny woman. I'm the One That I Want feels like an essential viewing material for any fan of stand-up comedy. The release of Cho's new musical comedy album, Cho Dependent, should bring tons laugh out loud humor, so why does it feel like I'm barely cracking a smile while listening to this record?

Cho seems to focus a little too much on the music and not quite enough on the comedy. In fact, as a musical album Cho Dependent is a success. She bounces a few genres around while maintaining a very consistant sound. Part of the credit may be due to the cornucopia of guest musicians on this album, including Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, Ben Lee, and many others. However, while this artists are all present, they're often lost in the mix--taking a backseat to the clear star of this album, "Margaret Fucking Cho" (yes, that's the way she refers to herself in one of the songs).

On the comedy side of things though, I find myself cracking a smile from time to time, but that's almost the entire extent of it. The only time I say that I actually laughed was when Cho veered off into Weird Al territory when she parodied Mickey Avalon's "My Dick" with a very Cho appropriate version: "My Puss."

It's weird that this album might have succeeded a little better if it didn't claim to be comedy. Maybe the jokes are just overshadowed by the well crafted music that accompanies it. Margaret Cho may be a very funny woman, but Cho Dependent is not her best foot forward.

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