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Album Review: Azure Ray - Drawing Down the Moon


(Saddle Creek)

When a band returns with a new album after a break up where the members pursue solo careers, there are plenty of cliches and expectations for disappointment. However, if memory serves correctly, when Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink released their own albums, there was always a bit of a promise that they'd team up again for another Azure Ray album. The hiatus never really seemed indefinite. It was more of a break than a break up. Drawing Down the Moon isn't the duo trying to recapture a past feeling but simply picking up where they left off.

In some senses the new album isn't even necessary. Azure Ray still have the same eerie style that they perfectly crafted by their previous record, Hold on Love, back in 2003. It would be pretty easy to give them a hard time for not exploring more creatively; however, while Taylor and Fink may not stray from their style, why would anyone want them to?

Azure Ray's music is so beautiful and the two women's voices are so uniquely haunting that can create instantly hypnotizing songs. While it was easy to forget that I was listening to new output from the band while listening Drawing Down the Moon, I also found myself forgetting my whole surroundings altogether, getting lost in the soothing sounds.

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