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An Interview with: Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! have been working with DFA Records long before crafting their new EP, Static on the Wire, which was released earlier this year. Shortly before their performance at Central Park Summerstage earlier this month, we spoke with Alex Frankel about the band, remixes, and a few other things.

I wonder where the name for Holy Ghost! came from. Is it a take on phrases like "Holy Cow!" and "Holy Shit!" or is a religious reference (in some christian religions, the Holy Spirit is sometimes also called the Holy Ghost)?
It comes from a Bar Kays song. We liked the song and we needed a name.

A grocery store where I grew up had a store display for Halloween with the words "Holy Ghost!" instead of "Holy Cow!" and got a lot of flack from a nearby church, and they eventually took it down. I wonder if you guys have ever gotten any religious folks upset with the name?
Ha, yeah on Myspace once in the beginning some crazy person sent us some religious text and scolded us for using the phrase in this secular way. Its not a religious thing, we don't mean any offense.

You guys have done a bunch of remixes, but do you have a favorite?
Me personally, I like the one we just did for Monarchy, "Love Get out of My Way."

What do you think makes a good remix 'good?'
When I listen to a remix I don't give a fuck about it's relation to the original song. I mean, it's always cool when someone really "flips" a song or whatever, but I think what makes a good remix good is what any piece of music good--it stands up on its own.

How do you approach making original material different than remixes?
Remixes are for the dance floor specifically. Original songs have varied intentions.

Which one is more enjoyable to create?
They each have their own thing. [It's] like DJing and playing live.

Speaking of original music, you guys released a new EP earlier this year on DFA. You've been working with various DFA acts for a while now, but how did you meet all the DFA folks initially?
We were in a band called Automato. DFA produced our record; Automato broke up, [but] Nick and I hung around. We all stayed friends and worked together, [and] Holy Ghost! was born.

You got back from Europe not long ago. How was it?
Fucking exhausting! Man we are still recovering. But it was also really fun.

Anything we should be looking forward to on your tour here in the states?
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