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Album Review: Starfucker - B-Sides


(Badman Recording Co.)

In a move worthy of Prince, Starfucker changed their name to Pyramid (or Pyramiddd), but have apparently reverted back to their original profane moniker. Perhaps Pyramid just didn't stick so well with the indie kids (we'll be the first to admit that it is simply not as catchy), and then...well, nothing, or at least nothing that ever really stuck out. As a result, B-Sides ends up feeling like a short collection that simply screams out "Hey, we're back!"

The digital-only EP is only a few minutes shorter than the band's 2009 self-described 'mini-album,' Jupiter, and it sort of piggybacks off of it. Both contain a cover (Jupiter had Cindi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and B-Sides has Madonna's "Burnin' Up"), and "Medicine" and "Boy Toy" from the previous album get remixed for the new EP. All of these songs (plus, the other two tracks) aren't exactly new either. All the material on this release was taken from vinyl records on the band's Badman catalog. In other words, if this sounds a lot like Jupiter, that's because it is.

However, while it's nice to have the vinyl-only material from Starfucker in a digital format, it simply feels like a preparation for something bigger. While this will tide us over until then, let's hope the band ditch any last thoughts of Pyramid and give us some new Starfucker.

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