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 Sewing Machines on WHFR, Wednesday, August 8, 9PM 

One Gallant releasing solo debut as Devotionals

MP3: Devotionals - "Chest Like Expansive Wings"

Devotionals is the new solo project of Tyson Vogel, who is also a member of the indie rock act, Two Gallants. Well, the self-titled solo record from Vogel's new project comes out on July 13 on Alive Records. We've got one of the songs above, and a full track list for the record after the jump.

Devotionals track list:
1. Toil and Joy
2. Misericordia
3. Morning Due
4. Toil Pt. 2
5. Chest Like Expansive Wings
6. Your Confused Beauty Upon My Cheek (Your Inhale Among My Unwashed Hair)
7. Swell to The Invitations of The Sky (Intro)
8. Swell to The Invitations of The Sky
9. Heart The Inevitable Music Box
10. Buildings of Heart

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