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CMJ New Music Monthly (finally) officially stops publishing

This may not seem like news to the few people who still subscribe to CMJ New Music Monthly, but it looks like the magazine has finally gone away. Think about how long it's been before you've even seen a CMJ magazine (whether it be on the newsstands or in the mailbox of a subscriber). The music rag has effectively been dead since 2008 (and on life support long before that), but the company announced today that they are basically moving the publication online (maybe Blender should tell CMJ how well that worked for them). However, it's nice to see the company finally acknowledging it's dead state. Statement from the publisher is as follows:
Dear CMJ New Music Monthly Subscriber,

It shouldn't come as a surprise to you to hear that the past few years have been a very challenging period for music publications, ours included. Like most of our peers in the space, we have been forced to make some tough decisions in order to continue to deliver CMJ New Music Monthly to our readers. For this reason, we have decided that effective immediately CMJ New Music Monthly will be available as a digital download music compilation only.
We have made the decision to move away from a print publication primarily because:

1) Our subscribers have made it loudly and abundantly clear that the primary reason they subscribe to CMJ is for its curated music compilation.

2) The overwhelming majority of our subscribers have indicated that they would happily have a greater bundle of amazing new music reliably available online the first of each and every month than the untimely manner it is currently being provided.

Most importantly, CMJ New Music Monthly will continue to live on as a monthly digital download compilation while will simultaneously provide you a plethora of music coverage, charts, news, interviews, reviews and more.

As a current CMJ New Music Monthly subscriber, you will be able to access a private website at and, by simply entering your email address, be able to download our monthly digital compilation.

We know that the last few years have been a trying time for CMJ New Music Monthly subscribers. Your ongoing support has enabled CMJ to adapt to today's changing music and media environment and with your continued support we hope to continue to bring you the very best new music for years to come.

Thanks and best regards,

Bobby Haber


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