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Album Review: Javelin - No Mas


(Luaka Bop)

Javelin are a truly inspired band. Each track on their debut full length album starts off with something interesting and unique musically. They quickly pull in listeners, but it's not long until one will scream No Mas.

The band's new record, which was released earlier this week on Luaka Bop, has a lot of potential. The first single, "Oh! Centra," is clearly the highlight of the disc. The cute track features Casio-sounding keyboards, chipmunk style vocals, and an overall adorable nature. It's sort of a shame that this song isn't a representative of the entire album. Sure, many of the other tracks are also trying for a left-of-center feel. A little weirdness and uniqueness mixed in with the band's rather relaxed electronic sound.

The problem is that Javelin only keep this up for about a thirty second to a minute for each song. After that, the band just sort of keep up their status quo, and instead of sounding inspired, they sound repetitive. With every new track, there's incentive to keep listening, but they almost all fail in keping up the creative buildup that they start with. There's a lot of potential here, and it's impossible to dismiss the initial moment of interest when the song first starts. However, it's just a matter of keeping that interest up for the entire song, which No Mas all too often doesn't do.

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