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Indie musicians fight cancer

There's an old joke from The Onion: 6000 Runners Fail To Discover Cure For Breast Cancer. The same punchline could probably be made for musicians releasing benefit albums. Laughing aside, it's always nice when bands rally behind a cause. In the latest case, 54 artists have teamed up for a record called This Album Kills Cancer, and specifically the musicians involved are getting behind Shayne Miel, the frontman of the North Carolina indie band The Future Kings Of Nowhere, who was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma. With the current screwed up state of health insurance in America, Miel needed the help of his fellow musicians to help pay his bills. Isn't it ironic that legislative health care reform that could save American lives is being held up by politicians claiming to be "pro-life?" Hopefully, one day universal health coverage will pass, making benefit albums like This Album Kills Cancer unnecessary. Until then, this album will be released digitally at today, Friday, March 5. Full track list is after the jump.

This Album Kills Cancer track listing:
The Future Kings Of Nowhere - Let's Be Pirates! (live @
The Tea & Whiskey - Pray For Shayne
The English Beat - They Call It Ska (live)
Red Flag Fleet - Quotidian Oblivion
The Winter Sounds - Bird On Fire
Fairmont - Oh Your Bitter Heart
Citified - Sleepsound
Paul Sanchez - All of My Might (alternate version)
Greg D - In The Name Of
Grover Kent - Running Out of Ramones (acoustic)
The Tremors - Late Night Drive-in Monster Show
Cropduster - Giving It All Away
The Crayons - See My Eyes
Rick Barry - Audrey There You Are (live from the penthouse)
Kaitlyn Raido - Hating You
The Good Graces - Pepper
The Cucumbers - The Boss's Song
Zigman Bird - New Stuff (live @
State Run Media - From The Fire
Brett Fuentes - Nightfall On A Budding June
Jeannie O'Neil & Thomas Martin - Silver Train

Drew & The Medicinal Pen - Baking In The Sun
John Raido & Friends - I Don't Mind
Bruce Piephoff - Rosalita (live @ Dotmatrix Project)
Hey Tiger - Say Nothing (acoustic)
Christian Beach - Baby's Back In Town
Pete Jager - Day and Night
The Raving Knaves - Black and White World
The Heshers - Cloud
Jim Testa - The WE Fest Song
Jonathan Andrew - I Am No Longer Important to You (live)
Keith Monacchio - Dynamite
Matt Colligan - A New Day (live @
Possum Jenkins - Burn These Leaves (live @ Dotmatrix Project)
Jason Didner - Salt and Sand
Brett Harris - Perpetual Motion
The Break Evens - Crime Spree
Rik Mercaldi - Sliding
Joe Whyte - It's A Shame
The Wigg Report - Good Times
Jon Caspi - Smile (live)
Colie Brice - Jersey Blues (remix)
Tony Tedesco - Shine On

Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth - Unabomber Blues
Decoration Ghost - Camera Bag And A Backpack (live @ Dotmatrix Project)
The Bronzed Chorus - hiding in the woods (live @ Dotmatrix Project)
The LawnDarts - Tell Me Why
Workday/Schoolnight - My Creation
The Successful Failures - Sinkhole
Project Tritium - Affectus Incognitus (live @ Dotmatrix Project)
Julian Peterson - Music Only We Can Hear
Kristen Leigh - Stouffer Chemical Company (live @ Dotmatrix Project)
Mimi Cross - Nitelite
The Wag - Setting Sun (alternate version)

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