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Album Review: Captain Ahab - The End of Irony


(Deathbomb Arc)

Has Captain Ahab developed a God complex?

Though the initial moments of "Acting Hard," the opening track on the band's album, The End of Irony, may be a hip-hop sample from Sly Boogie, it's not long before the band break into a religious sounding chant. "The Calm Before the Storm" continues this mix of hip-hop samples with more epic sounding material where they "sing the praises of our Lord." There really is a religious feeling to this album.

Captain Ahab don't shy away from concept albums. Their previous record seemed to tell the story of a woman growing from girl to spoiled brat. Now imagine that woman matures for a million years and sees a thousand lifetimes pass, and that's Ahab's new album. Because as much as the act have matured, they haven't forgotten their party girl youth. They've still got the beats, and some songs still support the overall feeling of partying.

The track listing of the various versions (CD, vinyl, digital) differ slightly from one another. With the lengthy times of each track, this may have just been a time issue, but it's a little disappointing not to get the full version of the record depending on the format.

Ultimately, this is a more mature record for Ahab and a more epic record. The possible failing may be that it may not be quite as good as their last one. However, being only slightly worse than one of the best records ever made is still completely phenomenal.

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