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Taylor Momsen getting fired from Gossip Girl?

Not to spread vicious internet rumors, but I have just heard that Taylor Momsen may have been fired from Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, I have no source to verify this (or deny it) yet, but it would mean no more Jenny Humphrey! Such a shame because her plot line was really starting to get good!

Update: I can't dispute the numerous comments that claim this is totally false...much to my relief!


Anonymous said...

It's SO not true. Her rep already denied it and Josh Schwartz just gave an interview the other day that said Jenny and Chuck would drive the stories in the second half of the season. So IDK what Star is smoking.

Anonymous said...

No shes not.
I believe Star is so stupid they thought filming pictures where real.

Jason Glastetter said...

I really can only hope she's not out! I totally admitted I was posting a rumor, but I have a lot of interest in the Gossip Girl gossip!

Anonymous said...

99.9% of the stuff you hear about Taylor is false. If they were all true, she'd be dead by now. Her rep already said it's not true and that was actually printed with the crazy rumor Star tried to bury in it's print magazine (with a cover story that's false as well). A brand new interview with Josh Schwartz just came out a few days ago where he talked about how Jenny (and Chuck) will generate alot of story during the second half of the season. Ummm why would that happen if she was leaving? Plus, she's been seen working alot including the past few days. It's completely ridiculous. Plus, I HIGHLY doubt Star Magazine would be the "source" breaking this story. There are a million entertainment blogs that talk about GG and there's been nothing. All there's been is Star and you rehashing them. Next time consider the source before you spread it.

briana_says_hey said...

He wasn't spreading it, just asking if anyone else knew if it was true. He WAS trying to get a good source, and stated in the first line that it was a rumor and didn't know if it was true. Don't lash out at people for trying to get information. I also read the story in Star and didn't know if it was true or not

Anonymous said...

I don't know about her being fired but on her IMDB messageboard and other sites. they are saying based on recent photos especially one photo of her that she may have gotten a boobjob.

Her getting fired is bad but this looks really bad.

Anonymous said...

actually the executive producers are considering firing her because she is such a wild child and she is bringing the show bad reps. and i know this because my cousin works on the set as a casting associate

Anonymous said...

actually.. if you watch all of the 4th serious, you see that she does leave. she moves back with her mum. i read shes not been axed, but just been put on hiatus for now.