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An interview with: Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van EttenEver since seeing Sharon Van Etten at the show that Hooves on the Turf put on at Northside Festival, I've been a bit enamored by the beauty of her songs, which is apparent even as she takes to the stage with only an acoustic guitar to back up her beautiful voice. I was delighted when she invited me out to see her at Joe's Pub back in September, and even more happy to have her answer a few questions for an interview recently:

I feel like you are one of those up-and-coming/loved-by-blogs acts (I think I've seen you talked about on Hooves on the Turf and BrooklynVegan at least), so to me you're a big deal! So on that note, how would you describe the importance of blogs on today's musical landscape?
Music is accessible to more and more people. It's easier for kids to get their hands on new music (I wish I had the internet back in high school)...Although I think what kids might be missing is the thrill of the hunt. You know?

What have some of your favorite records of 2009 been?
Tiny Vipers, The Antlers, Bowerbirds, Wye Oak, She Keeps Bees, Forest Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rain Machine, Great Lake Swimmers, Wooden Birds, Skogar, Dearly Departed, Natureboy...

And I guess since it's also the last year of the decade; if you want to go into a few of your faves of the past ten years; it would also be appropriate.
Blaze Foley, Anthony & the Johnsons, Julie Doiron, Alela Diane, Meg Baird, Marissa Nadler, Mariee Sioux, The Drones, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, I'm With Cupid... (Geeze! I could go on forever!)

And I suppose that also leads into my next question: where do you find inspiration? I feel like your songs have this simplistic beauty to them--but I wonder if that's just almost the nature of seeing someone take to the stage with just an acoustic guitar and their own voice (an amazing voice, I might add).
Aw...thanks! Well...I enjoy music a lot. I draw from all places. I like all kinds. Emotional (in any sense) sad, happy, angry...when I write I usually write from a sadness, and that helps me prevent from letting a sadness get to me. Writing it out helps me look at it instead of live in it.

What do you do when you aren't making music?
[I] go to shows, hang out with my friends, spend time with my family, [and] watch Seinfeld and Bill Mays overdubs on Youtube. I really like the Putty one. I love food and wine. I cook at home when I can...

What are your plans for 2010?
To write and record a new album and tour a bit in between.

Anything else you want to share?
[I'm] excited to play with Bowerbirds at Union Pool on December 5th and The Antlers at the Bowery [on] December 15th.

MP3: Sharon Van Etten - "Save Yourself"


Anonymous said...

I love Sharon Van Etten! She's so wonderful..

Andrew said...

See her live.