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Captain Ahab wants sing on The End of Irony

Captain AhabWhen this blog was first named (after an upcoming Captain Ahab album), I expected the record to be out soon after (by the end of 2008). However, a year later and the album is still not out. However, there is an upside to this. Captain Ahab announced that they are now looking for fans to sing on their upcoming album, The End of Irony. Here are the details:

Ok, here’s the deal. You record yourself singing along with the supplied file, and you will be heard on the new Captain Ahab record, The End of Irony.

Download AhabChantForFans.mp3

The lyrics are, “Power, Honor, Ambition, Future” repeated over and over again. Please submit a dry, isolated track of yourself (and/or your friends) performing this chant to this email address: fanchant [at] by November 30, 2009. You can submit any format you wish, but we prefer to receive 48khz, 24bit aiff or wav files. It’s preferable to send a link to a file than to attach a file directly to an email – but both are acceptable.

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