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Details on The Fall of Norah Jones

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about the upcoming album from Norah Jones? Well, now we have a few more details. First off, the album will be entitled The Fall and will be releases by EMI’s Blue Note Records on November 17. Next, you can check out the album for the record to your left (click on it for a bigger version). The cover is a portrait of Jones taken by photographer Autumn de Wilde. Finally, check out after the jump for the complete track list for the record. Are you excited yet? We certainly are.

The Fall track list:
1. Chasing Pirates (Norah Jones)
2. Even Though (Norah Jones/Jesse Harris)
3. Light As a Feather (Norah Jones/Ryan Adams)
4. Young Blood (Norah Jones/Mike Martin)
5. I Wouldn't Need You (Norah Jones)
6. Waiting (Norah Jones)
7. It's Gonna Be (Norah Jones)
8. You've Ruined Me (Norah Jones)
9. Back To Manhattan (Norah Jones)
10. Stuck (Norah Jones/Will Sheff)
11. December (Norah Jones)
12. Tell Yer Mama (Norah Jones/Jesse Harris/Richard Julian)
13. Man Of The Hour (Norah Jones)

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