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 Sewing Machines on WHFR, Wednesday, August 8, 9PM 

Gay Beast played Silent Barn last night (photos)

Gay Beast | Silent Barn | June 3, 2009

Gay Beast has been hyped by my friend MP at No-Core and AIDS Wolf. With references like that I knew I had to check out their first of three shows in New York last night. Musically, it did sort of remind me of AIDS Wolf with a keyboard but more catchy. They play Bruar Falls tonight and Market Hotel tomorrow. Check out the photos below. Also be sure to check out Gay Beast's new album, Second Wave, which was recently released on Skin raft Records. |

Gay Beast tour dates:
Jun 04 - Bruar Falls - Brooklyn, NY
Jun 05 - Market Hotel - Brooklyn, NY
Jun 06 - Midway Cafe - Boston, MA
Jun 07 - Dark Lady - Providence, RI
Jun 09 - Leaky Pipes - Ottawa, ON
Jun 10 - Friendship Cove - Montreal, QC
Jun 11 - Buy the Pound... - Toronto, ON
Jun 12 - Dreamland Theater - Ypsilanti, MI
Jun 13 - Automatic Collective - Chicago, IL
Jun 14 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI