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 Sewing Machines on WHFR, Wednesday, August 8, 9PM 

Brendan Benson returns with new album

Brendan Benson returns with his fourth solo album this fall. My Old, Familiar Friend will be released by ATO records on August 18, 2009. Benson has been working with the The Raconteurs recently, but was recording by himself long beforehand, back into the 90s. It's good to hear he's going to be releasing another record of his own material! The track list for the new album is below!

My Old, Familiar Friend track listing:
1. A Whole Lot Better
2. Eyes on The Horizon
3. Garbage Day
4. Gonowhere
5. Feel Like Taking You Home
6. You Make a Fool Out of Me
7. Poised and Ready
8. Don’t Want To Talk
9. Misery
10. Lesson Learned
11. Borrow

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