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News about Take That and Robbie Williams that Americans won't care about

It's probably only news to me because I had a few friends in college who absolutely loved Robbie Williams, but, according to NME, he will not be reuniting with his old band, Take That, despite a blog post on Williams's blog last year stating that he'd love to be in the band again.

From NME:

Take That have ruled out any possibility of Robbie Williams rejoining the band.

Despite recent speculation and comments from their former band member that he may return to the four-piece, singer Gary Barlow has now confirmed that a reunion is unlikely.

"People constantly ask if Robbie will rejoin us but nothing has changed," Barlow told Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles on his Quiz Night TV show. "We're a happy band right now. Robbie won't be joining."

The likelihood of a reunion initially seemed a strong possibility when Williams said on his blog back in December that "he'd loved to be in the band again".

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